Saturday, July 19, 2008

Two weeks left

There are only two more weeks of summer school remaining. Not even that. 9 days? 8 days, depending on whom you ask.

As I sent the class home with the reading for the weekend, I really feel like most people are keeping up with the reading better than the first book, but I'm trying to figure out why. Maybe people didn't think we'd really go through a book in two weeks the first time and threw in the towel? Maybe the plot in Kite Runner is more seductive? Maybe it's just more current? I think I'm going to poll the class on the last day and see which book they liked better and why. And on that note, of all books they've read for school, which books have they liked and why. It's a great feeling to look around the room and have everyone intently reading and enjoying it. I'm hoping some of them leave the summer with a new appreciation for reading. Optimistic, I know.

On a non-school related note, I'm pretty sure that Poor But Sexy is my new favorite DC band. The studio songs are good, but the live experience is a must see. Yeah, I'm biased, I've played with 4 out of 5 in the band, but it's so nice to see someone break away from the familiar sounds that you find in indie rock. Someone described them as Steely Dan fronted by R. Kelly. That's about right, assuming R. Kelly was white and spoke German.

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