Sunday, August 24, 2008

Anderson Cooper is hot

For the past month, I was walking around, thinking of things to add to the blog as summer school, and teaching as I know it, both came to a close. Students coming to see my band play, plagiarism, final grading, clean up. It seems the road to hell is blogged with good intentions.

I got into Denver last night after two short flights across the country, with perfect layover timing in St. Louis so I could watch Obama / Biden give their speeches live (in the right time zone, no less.)

The opening party ended up being at an amusement park downtown, and everything was free - rides, games, food, drinks, fireworks. Pretty insane. And I got this feeling as I walked around seeing all of these smiling faces from all over the country gathered together - everyone here is of a similar political mindset. It wasn't like people were walking around talking politics all night, so it's not all that different than being in the usual mixed crowd. Hard to explain, it just felt good. Yeah, I know free beer, funnel cake and upside down roller coasters don't hurt things.

I'm guessing we passed many a rep or reporter last night, but the only one I recognized was Anderson Cooper. Yep, just as dashing in person as he is on TV, confirmed by one of the girls behind me yelling "Anderson Cooper, we love you! You are so hot!" I'm guessing this isn't new for him, as he smiles politely and says "Thank you."

Getting coffee, heading downtown, pictures to follow.

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