Tuesday, August 26, 2008

In the press tent, with the wrench...

Another day of leaving my shoe tread across Denver proper, I hit new neighborhoods and got back into the Pepsi Center again. Walking past the capitol after breakfast I came across another wave of Recreate 68, who really aren't what their name implies. Most of the press heading into this had visions of riots and insanity, and while it's not over yet, every time I've seen them protest, it's organized and sane. They even travel with medics to make sure everyone's ok (read: heat exhaustion)

Came across an interesting art installation, maybe 50 feet across, made up of translucent cloth with photos of everyday Iranian citizens. Nice statement / reminder, that even though their leader is a madman (sound familiar?) that most of the country are normal folks.

In my search for Tent State, I went across a bridge and ended up in a new part of town, and stumbled up a sustainable energy fair. They had a band playing (powered by folks on bikes), various tents and vendors on alternative energy, cool new modular home designs. Good stuff all around - it gave me some hope for future development.

Tent State wasn't as impressive. Amnesty was there with their replica of a Gitmo cell. Very terrifying. Lots of people looking for Rage tickets, legalization organizations, vets against the war. Just seemed kind of all over the place.

Back inside the Pepsi Center it's a bit of a zoo. Imagine yourself at a sold out concert, trying to walk around. Except it's well lit, and you're bumping into reporters, delegates and governors (I backed into Tim Kaine. I didn't know it was Tim Kaine.) Steny Hoyer was great, Janet Napolitano, too - things are starting to pick up. Later on tonight we have Hillary and Jim Webb, which should be total chaos. Looking forward to it.

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