Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bill, Biden and Obama

I'm running late, and today the laptop stays back at the hotel. I'm getting that lean from the massive bag hanging off my right side all day. In a nutshell, this place is bursting with optimism after last night. At the same time, friends who've worked at previous conventions told me that they've felt this way in the past, only to have the Dems run a bad campaign and give the election way (2000, 2004). McCain looks incredibly beatable, but so did Bush, both times, even mid-war. It's an odd cocktail, this guarded optimism.

When Bill Clinton hit the stage last night, it took about 10 minutes for folks to settle down before he could talk. People were losing their minds, literally. Screaming, crying, waving. His speech, as expected, brought the house down, too. Smart, to the point, balanced. Not as dynamic as Hillary's, but every bit as good. If you missed, go watch now, it's that good. There was a short lull before Biden, but I think that added to his power as well. Great story that guy has, and great command of a room. I'm quite surprised that he's never gotten past the primaries before now. And in the end, Obama came out, the place blew up again, end of night.

So much more to say, but the shuttle pulls out in 8 minutes. More, um, I guess during the layover tomorrow in KC? Last day, many pictures to take.

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