Monday, August 25, 2008

Protest / Counter Protest / Protest

I think I walked the length of the city yesterday. After hitting downtown early-ish for breakfast (and watching the police horses getting suited up) we headed down to the capitol to see the first march kick off. The march was mainly about the war, but as usual these days, there were many causes melded together (Nadar, immigration, Gitmo, etc.) Of course, there were counter protesters, too, which was also a mix of causes (support the troops, Pro-Life, build a wall, etc.) Yes, they were playing Toby Keith, why do you ask? Though it's hard to see what Toby's been trying to say lately about Obama. Everyone played nice, and while there was some interaction, no one seemed to get too heated. It helped having riot cops between them with batons and handcuffs.

We did some walking around the capitol, checked out the vendors, the .orgs, the electric slide being done by hundreds. Hoofed back down to the Pepsi Center to see how things were going. More protesters, more riot cops, a little confrontation from some younger protesters, but again, folks are keeping it calm. Best t-shirt "I'm not disturbing the peace, I'm disturbing the war!" Best sticker "Make out! Not war!" Best book "Goodnight Bush!" (a parody of "Goodnight Moon" which was funny and depressing all at once.

After lunch, and a Liberally Hopped Ale, at my new favorite eatery, City o City (where I'm posting from) I got a floor pass for the Pepsi Center, and went to soak it in. Amazing set up - it's like everything I've done with A/V work, times 10. Sat in the Ohio Delegation so I could watch Katie Couric getting set up, while also watching Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper get their hair fixed. Both 'studios' were surrounded by folks with cameras taking pics, me included. I stayed for a few hours, since I wasn't sure if I'd get on the floor again later this week. Plus it was air-conditioned and I got off my feet for a bit.

Ended the day off with two visits to Falling Rock Tap House. First with Angie before she took the bus back, and then immediately following, with my friend Jim. Suddenly I'm a regular. I think I've met my challenge when it comes to hops, as most of these beers are hopped like crazy. One was a bit like chewing on pine needles, in a good way.

In bed by midnight, and if I could bring this back to education for a second, I woke up at 4am on the nose (6am EST...when I woke up daily to teach) and couldn't fall back asleep til 530am (730am EST...when I got to school daily, to teach.) It's the first day back at DCPS, and I had my friends and former students on the brain, which was funny to think of amidst all of the DNC circus.

Time to finish off this coffee and breakfast burrito and to hit the streets.

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Anxiety Girl said...

Hey Eric!!! Thanks for the personal coverage & great photos! I wish we were all there with you! Mom says hi, too! Keep up the good work!