Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I know there are mixed feelings for the Hillary Clinton on both sides of the aisle, but really, I find it hard to imagine anyone from either side watching her speak last night and not be moved. I've backed Obama from the start, had my own Hillary issues, and I think the only full speech I've heard her give was a eulogy. My mind was blown last night. From the intro video (great footage, only one shot of Bill, funny but fantastic music choices "You Really Got Me" (Van Halen, no less), "American Girl") through her closing comments it was a ride. At one point, after her Harriet Tubman segment, you couldn't even hear her since the place was just blowing up. And her main points about unity, bringing her supporters into the Obama camp, were powerful and poignant. "Were you in this campaign just for me....[or were you in it] for that boy and his mom surviving on the minimum wage?" Damn. Read it here. Or watch it here. Secretary of State? That's what I'm thinking.

Bill was in the house last night, and even sitting way up high in the upper deck, all of the cameras still found him. He speaks tonight, which I'm looking forward to to say the least. Anyone catch him speaking at Corretta Scott King's funeral? I'm not sure I've heard a better speech, with all due respect to what Hillary did last night. Look at me turning into a speech junkie.

Post-convention we headed over to a show with Ben/Chris from Death Cab. It was hot, and folks were talking, but it was still good to see them. Ran into more folks from DC there, which is always random but funny. Great Teenage Fanclub cover, to boot.

Two more days in Denver, time to pack in more sights. Did you go back and watch that speech again yet? Do it.

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Stephen said...

Wish I were there, but your postings are the next best thing. What a terrific blog! Just read it start to finish, beginning in May. You're a superb observer, analyst and writer. And that's not your old man being biased - it's a crusty old reporter talking. Lots of love - Dad

PS Don't remember you telling me about almost getting jumped, ahem! Grandpa Mel was looking out for you. Patron saint of great parking places and jack-rolling prevention...