Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I just can't figure it out. Is Palin's speech a series of bullet pointed zingers? About five minutes in she has a string of more than 4 sentences, but before that she says a line, people get up and clap, she says a line, people get up and clap. I know, folks get excited at conventions and want to cheer for things that turn them on, it happened in every speech I saw last week. But this is outrageous, it's the kind of speech someone would give running for president of their college, and even that I think is unfair to good collegiate politicians. The tone is non-stop smarm and sarcasm, like she's relying on crowd reaction to get her points across. Tomorrow I need to find a transcript, see if this reads as bad as it sounds, or if it's just her delivery.

I found a transcript, the video I had kicked in after she talked about her family and John McCain. Either way, I'm still in awe that this was the best VP candidate the Republicans could find. Believe me, the Dems with Lieberman and Bentsen have picked some duds. I just can't do the math on how the party thinks that should McCain become ill or pass away, that somehow Palin is qualified to lead the country. Baffling.

Tomorrow is the big day, McCain says his peace, sets the tone for his side, discusses policy and his VP. Should be interesting.

A friend who worked both conventions says that the vibe is night and day. He says it really feels like the GOP is not excited about their option, but playing the part to help in the campaign. In the bits I saw of Giuliani (sp?) and Romney, they don't seem so fired up themselves.

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