Friday, September 5, 2008

McCain was good in print, not in video

I got home late from work and missed the speech, but early enough that the videos weren't up yet, just the transcript. Reading through it, it wasn't so bad. I don't agree with most of his ideas, but the tone was strong, friendly, without lashing out at anyone. Minor digs at the opponent, but that's what you do, fair enough. He focused more on himself than his opponent.

But now I'm watching CNN and they're showing excerpts from the speech - good lord does this man look bad on TV and look uncomfortable on stage. Neither is a solid reason to not vote for McCain, but at the end of the day the president needs charisma to inspire the country, to lead, to influence. I don't doubt that McCain is smart or experienced, and maybe he'd make a good cabinet member. After watching this speech, I find it hard to believe that America will vote for McCain for who is he, but instead for who he is not. Granted, if you're hardline on issues like abortion or drilling for oil, McCain is your man. I think that anyone in the center, who straddle the line between issues, odds look good that Obama seems more presidential to them.

Looking forward to the debates.

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