Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Mustache You a Question

I can't really say how I got roped into this, but this Saturday I'm going to be clean shaven for the first time in, hell, I don't know, 5 years? Not shaved but with the Brad Pitt stubble, or the Dizzy Gillespie soul patch, or the under chin goatee- full on baby faced shaven.

Anyone that's seen me close to this state before knows that even with the stubble, I lose 10 years and gain 10 pounds. It's the cherubic Swedish face, what can I say? (see above: age 18, old enough to get drafted, buy cigarettes...not that I did either)

Capitol Letters Writing Center is kicking off their 2009 Mustache-a-thon this Saturday at a barber shop in Columbia Heights. About 15 guys are getting in the chair, getting a straight razor shave, and, um, harvesting a mustache (as they say). From there we're having weekly check-ins, Tuesdays at Asylum, to see how growth is going.

I guess you're wondering about the "a-thon" part, right? We're asking friends, family and strangers to pledge money towards the growth of our mustaches. How? I think it could go like this: 1) pledge X amount of money for each day that I keep the mustache (i.e. "I think you're going to look like a galoot and want to shave that thing off in no time, I'll give you a dollar for each day it stays"), 2) pledge X amount of money for each week with a mustache (i.e. "I've seen you with facial hair over the years, I just want to see the progress, here's $5 a week"), or 3) one lump sum o' cash (i.e. "Look, here's some money, grow something that would make Lemmy proud.") The money will help us hold more creative writing workshops at schools around DC, offer more after school tutoring sessions, and eventually open our own writing center.

I'll be posting update photos here, and there will be weekly update photos on the Capitol Letters site. If you'd like to sponsor, here's the online way: Or if you see me in person and want to go with cash, I can pass that along, too. Feel free to vote on preferred mustache style with your donation (Jonathan Waters? Mike Ditka? Tom Selleck? Biker? Other?)

More info soon, I'm am so getting carded for the next 30 days.


Anxiety Girl said...

Hey, I know that clean shaven kid! That's my cute baby brother! Wow - I'm not even sure which one to vote for - but "other" would be pretty funny! I'll chat w/Steve & send in a pledge.

xo Kristin

Jumbo Slice said...

Jenny and I are happy to make a pledge. Is it okay if I post about this on DC Rock Club?

Eric Axelson said...

The more the merrier, post away! Luckily we don't have shows for awhile, or else it might look like a guest appearance by Fog Hat.