Monday, March 30, 2009

I am the Walrus (coo-coo-cachoo)

I've been shirking, in a bad way. First two weeks of the mustache-a-thon I had big dreams about daily posts, photos of my uncles with mustaches, photos of my crazy and sometimes embarrassing collegiate facial hair (Faith No Eric...anyone?). But it didn't happen. I started teaching again, started working long hours again, and voila - dreams deferred.

Here's the latest photo of the mustache. I keep thinking that I look a little Wally Walrus or Sgt. Pepper. My friends seem to think that I wouldn't make it five minutes at a leather bar without being picked up. I'll have to find out, eh?

If all goes well I should be going through some mustache transformation the next two days. Tuesday night is the final mustache check in, and it's the last time for donations, so if you haven't yet, but want to, the time is nigh: Scroll down to Eric A and you'll see me (or Taft, if the picture hasn't changed yet).

Watch this space, mustache changes on the horizon.

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