Sunday, March 1, 2009

It hurt more than I thought it would. Something about the Nordic beard of mine gave the barber some fits and I spent more time in the chair than everyone else. Extra hot towels, extra layers of gel, more passes with the blade, repeat. Ouch. But the real pain came with the astringent at the end - it was like dipping your face in wasabi, except the part where the wasabi wears off. I found that going outside in the cold and buying some ice cream did the trick.

Ok, I'm done mourning the beard, even if I look more Robin Gibb than Barry Gibb, more Ken Doll than Kenny Rogers. I keep grabbing my face to find an unfamiliar texture, like I borrowed someone else's face for the weekend. If that's the case, who has mine?

Two pledges came in today and we're off to the races. Remember you can pledge by the day, by the week, or just a lump sum. The first check in is Tuesday at Asylum, feel free to swing by for a drink. I'll wait til then for an update picture. Quick captions for above 1) the night before, 2) nervous and looking for help, 3) wincing, 4) trying to smile but wincing, 5) tonight. The old forest has been burned down, time for some new growth.


Anxiety Girl said...

What - no smile for the last photo?? Erica says that you don't look that different. Can we please see a nicey nice, friendly photo w/o the beard? Hmm? So you won't go scaring the kids?

Eric Axelson said...

More pics coming soon. Just had a friend pass me on the street and didn't recognize me. Then again, an ex-student saw me from across the street and yelled "Hey Mr. Axelson!" I was shocked that even from far away he knew it was me and didn't even ask about the beard.