Friday, May 16, 2008

Parent / Teacher midway

Half-way through now, we're up to seven parents, which is a little over 10% of my roster. How's the spectrum look? Friends at Anacostia and Cardozo see about three parents all day (roughly 4% for them), but others at schools like Oyster get about 85% (I don't have the hard number, just their estimation). I know our school sends out a mass phone call to all homes, which must help on some level, though it's hard to say how many messages get intercepted. I usually call the parents that I need to see the most, which also helps. It's hard to say how many parents aren't coming because they work more than one job, or aren't able to leave their position. I get the feeling that's part of it, especially at our school where I know many kids are working to help pay the bills at home. The second half is about to begin, let's see if things pick up.

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