Friday, May 16, 2008

PT final numbers

21 parents showed up, and four students came by themselves.
A little less than normal, but still about 30% - we'll call it a success.
I got another batch of essays turned in, some kids made up time that
they owed me, and I'm a few inches closer to being organized.

Looking behind me to another English teacher who set up a table where students had to come in and make up time, complete work, etc. She made it fun even though it was serious. I think she had 30 kids, and in some ways her work table seemed like the hot spot. Don't get me wrong, some of them were clearly bummed to be in the cafeteria on a day off, but the others cranked out essays and joked around and stayed much later than they had to. The pizza she bought them didn't hurt either. Looking back at the year it makes me wish I'd thought of more ways to make class and work fun or interesting, even adding incentives. I should figure out a way to pull this off in the next four weeks.

Barring any last minute parents (it's 4 minutes til), these are the final numbers.
Over and out.

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BIG MIKE said...


I read about you in the City Paper last year. Cool to see that you're blogging. Keep it up.